Updated Pennsylvania Vote Tally Shows SUDDEN Surge For Hillary Clinton, Trump FUMING

Updates to the vote count in Pennsylvania are showing President-elect Donald Trump’s lead is shrinking in the commonwealth.

According to NBC News 10 in Philadelphia, Trump’s lead narrowed by 22,000 votes as the various counties continue to check and tally the votes. On Friday, state officials announced that Trump led Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by only 49,000 votes, which is a much narrower lead than the 71,000 vote lead originally announced after Election Day. Provisional and absentee votes are leaning heavily for the Democrat as they are tallied and recorded.

In addition, recount efforts spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein include a recount in Pennsylvania. Citizens in Philadelphia requested a recheck of the results of certain machines, which has been approved.

A court hearing on Monday will decide whether a full recount will commence.

Pennsylvania is one of the key battlegrounds states that gave Trump the presidential win, with 20 important electoral votes. At this time, Trump leads Clinton in Pennsylvania with only 0.8 of the 6 million votes cast in the commonwealth. State law requires an automatic recount for the entire state if the lead is within 0.5 percent.

In Philadelphia, citizens petitioned for an official check of voting machines, including those in 75 of the city’s wards. Clinton beat Trump in the City of Brotherly Love by almost 455,000 votes.

Decision Desk HQ, an independent election tracking firm, posts updates to the returns on Twitter:

City commissioners monitored the survey, along with Stein supporters and representatives of the Republican Party. A vote tally was performed on Friday, with results printed from each machine and checked.

Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt said: ”

‘We certified the election results. We’re doing the exact same thing we did in the computation process. We’re just doing it once again.’

Schmidt told the press late Friday that there were no votes changed as a result of the machine review

Attorneys for the Republican Party are planning to argue that Stein has no evidence to justify a statewide recount. Jonathan Goldstein, one of the party’s lawyers, said:

‘I hope that once the public hears that the counting was done correctly this will wrap up pretty quickly.’

Democrat Pedro Cortes, Pennsylvania’s secretary of state, said that there is no evidence of cyberattacks or irregularities involved in the election.

Final vote counts are still coming in from several Pennsylvania counties, however, including Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh, another urban stronghold for Democrats, and is expected to narrow the vote even further in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Douglas Hill from the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvanian, said that the uncounted votes are not sufficient to flip the state in Clinton’s favor however. Whether or not they are enough to trigger a statewide recount by dropping the margin to 0.5 percent or lower, however, remains to be seen.

H/T: NBC News 10
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