President Obama’s Approval Rating Is SKYROCKETING, America Says ‘Thanks Obama!’ (STATS)

Faced with the terrifying prospect of Donald Trump in the White House, Americans are starting to realize how good we’ve had it. Republicans may see Trump’s victory as a rejection of President Barack Obama’s policies, but the poll numbers (and Hillary Clinton’s 2.8 million+ margin of victory for the popular vote) show otherwise.

MSNBC reports polls show Barack Obama’s enjoying high approval ratings in the last weeks of his second term.

‘For December, Obama received at least a 50 percent approval rating in all 16 polls compiled by Real Clear Politics and finished with an average of 53.1 percent. Obama’s disapproval rating dipped as low as 36 percent in one poll this month but his December average was 42.3 percent.’

That’s right. In Real Clear Politics‘ list of major polls, Barack Obama’s approval rating is at least 50 percent in all 16 polls, at an average of 53.1 percent.

These numbers are way higher than the abysmal 29 percent approval ratings of our current president’s predecessor, George W. Bush.

‘Obama’s poll numbers in his final full month in office are considerably better than his predecessor. In December 2008, George W. Bush had a 29 percent approval rating and a 67 percent disapproval rating, according to Gallup.’

Alas, the economy’s not booming like back in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was president.

‘But Obama doesn’t fare as well when compared to the last Democratic president before him. In Gallup’s final poll of December 2000, Bill Clinton had a 66 percent approval rating and a 32 percent disapproval rating. ‘

Unfortunately for us and for Barack Obama, we didn’t have a dot-com bubble to boost the economy like Bill Clinton did after George H.W. Bush’s recession. Still, the president’s numbers are a heck of a lot higher than President-elect Donald Trump’s abysmal favorability ratings.

‘Obama’s poll numbers are currently higher than President-elect Trump’s favorable ratings. Since his victory on Nov. 8, Trump has reached 50 percent or higher just four times in the 26 polls compiled by Real Clear Politics. Trump’s unfavorable rating, meanwhile, has been at least 50 percent in 17 of the 26 polls.’

Still, even though we’re fed up with the sluggish job market and wage stagnation, things could be much worse. Barack Obama has a beautiful first lady (who didn’t come to the U.S. illegally and who doesn’t plagiarize speeches) and two lovely daughters who don’t go on safaris to murder endangered animals. He always acts presidential and treats women and people of all colors and religions with respect, has never gotten caught on video saying the word “pussy,” didn’t cause a global economic meltdown, doesn’t consort with enemy foreign governments, and doesn’t tweet things that could start a nuclear war.

We’ll sorely miss him.

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Featured image: Kyodo News via Getty Images.