Group Of Contractors File $3 Million Lien Against Trump International Hotel (DETAILS)

Two D.C. contractors are claiming that President-elect Trump hired them to work on his new hotel and did not pay up.

Two different businesses in Washington, D. C. have reportedly accused President-elect Donald Trump of contracting them for work and failing to pay them over $3 million.

The Washington Post reports that on November 9, a small company based out of Virginia, A&D Construction Inc. filed a lien and claimed that Trump owed them $79,900. The company was responsible for the installation of crown molding and wall base at Trump’s hotel in D.C.

A lawyer for A&D Construction reportedly said that the company worked with another contractor and never had any formal interaction with the president-elect.

Just prior to Christmas another small company, Joseph J. Magnolia Inc — a small plumbing company — also filed a lien against Trump International Hotel. The company claims that Trump owes them $2.98 million for work done over the course of two years. The Joseph J. Magnolia Inc. says that at the hotel they, “completed all plumbing, mechanical and HVAC work, along with site sewer, water, storm and water services.”

John Magnolia, president of Joseph J. Magnolia Inc., spoke with The Washington Post and told them that Trump did pay him for most of his work, and in November he voted for him.

‘They have been decent people and so forth but the issues that are going on now, with all the talk about removing him from the lease we are concerned about what is going to happen there. So it’s basically a business decision that we had to make.’

The president of Joseph J. Magnolia Inc. added that he had not been in touch with Trump or his daughter but still hopes that he’ll get paid soon:

‘We’re kind of working through that right now. Unfortunately Mr. Trump and Ivanka and so forth, they are I guess preoccupied by other matters now. They are trying to go run the country. So we’ll just see what happens.

‘I voted for the man and he seems to be surrounding himself as he has in the past with some pretty smart people. I wish him the best. But we’ve got to take care of this, that’s all.’

The most recent two filings are not the only time the former reality TV star turned politician has been accused of stiffing business associates. Donald Trump just loves to brag about not paying people when he feels unsatisfied with their services. In May he was quoted telling the Wall Street Journal:

‘I love to hold back and negotiate when people don’t do good work.’

These liens might affect the lease Trump holds on the Old Post Office Building where Trump International Hotel is located in D.C. The space is being rented from the General Services Administration and requires the renter to notify General Services Administration of liens within 10 days of the date filed. So if those claims go uncontested Trump will have to have them discharged within 30 days of date filed.

The Trump Organization released a statement regarding the unpaid D.C. contractors that you can read in the Tweet below:

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