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NEWS Hillary Breaks Silence About The Recount, She’s Taking One Last Brave Stand Against Trump!

Hillary has so far been quiet about the recount in three key states that, according to a fascinating report, may well have had their voting machines hacked. Unexpectedly, Jill Stein of the Green Party was the one who ended up raising funds to call for the recount. Well, the Clinton campaign …

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BREAKING: U.S. Senator Announces IMMEDIATE Trump/Russia Hack Investigation (DETAILS)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told CNN on Wednesday that he would lead an investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election, including the hacks that occurred against the Democratic Party during the campaign. Graham told CNN‘s Manu Raju during a brief interview: ‘I think Trump should take a real tough tone …

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Updated Pennsylvania Vote Tally Shows SUDDEN Surge For Hillary Clinton, Trump FUMING

Updates to the vote count in Pennsylvania are showing President-elect Donald Trump’s lead is shrinking in the commonwealth. According to NBC News 10 in Philadelphia, Trump’s lead narrowed by 22,000 votes as the various counties continue to check and tally the votes. On Friday, state officials announced that Trump led …

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BREAKING: ABC Uncovers MILLIONS Of Payments From Russia To Trump, Campaign Panics

ABC News investigative journalist Brian Ross released a news piece that could end any type of credibility Donald Trump may have left. In this newest report, Ross found Trump’s Russian connections to have a bigger role in his life than he’s lead on. This could be a direct conflict of …

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BREAKING: TRUMP DEFIES LIBERALS, OPENLY ACCUSES BARACK H. OBAMA OF TREASON AGAINST AMERICA According to a story in Conservative Brief, “It is obvious to all that Donald Trump is truly fed up with Obama’s constant bashing of Americans, especially when they come after tragic attacks such as the terrible mass …

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Michael Moore: ‘Do Not Call Yourself A Christian’ If You Support Donald Trump (DETAILS)

Michael Moore appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show, AM Reid, on Saturday with a message for white folks and especially those who call themselves Christians. While many Americans were upset and disheartened by Tuesday night’s election results, Moore asserted that it is white America that has a particular responsibility now …

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