BREAKING: First Official Election Day Results From N.H. Counted, The Winner Is….

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has won Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, in the first round of official Election Day votes to be tallied.

Clinton took 4 votes to Donald Trump’s 2, alongside one write-in vote for former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and 2 votes for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

The tiny New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch is one of a small handful of tiny New Hampshire towns to have already gotten through with their Election Day voting, since a state law allows for towns with less than 100 people to close their polls after all eligible voters have cast their ballot rather than waiting for the statewide, uniform closing time.

Thus, with this statute in place, it has long been a nationwide tradition to watch the results coming out of these tiny towns heading into Election Day. And, this year, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has come out with a symbolic victory.

Of course, this round of voting casts but a small sliver of light onto what is going to go down in the next 24 hours as Election Day unfolds. One major party presidential candidate- Donald Trump- hasn’t even said if he will accept the results or not, possibly casting a disturbing shadow over the transition of power with whatever course of action he chooses to take should he lose.

But Clinton winning is a pleasant start to the day for the vast majority of the nation who detests Trump.

She also won 1 of 2 other New Hampshire towns to already conclude their Election Day voting.

In Hart’s Location, New Hampshire, Clinton took 17 votes to Donald Trump’s 14.

Trump took 16 votes to Clinton’s 4 in the New Hampshire town of Millsfield, New Hampshire.