BREAKING: Donald Trump Moving To Skip Final Presidential Debate,’I’m Done’ (DETAILS)

The alleged unregistered sex offender, and apparent coward, Donald Trump is hinting that he might be pulling out of the final presidential debate. During a rally in Florida, on Wednesday, the GOP nominee alleged that the Commission For Presidential Debates was biased against him.  As usual, his logic was less than sound.

‘The head guy worked for Bill Clinton. Ay yai yai. What a rigged deal this is.’

The “head guy” is CDP co-chairman,  Mike McCurry. Mccurry did serve as Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary for three and a half years. On its own, that might seem like half-decent evidence for a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, the alleged unregistered sex offender left out a key bit of information. Mike McCurry is only the co-chair of the CDP. His partner is  Frank Fahrenkopf, who served as the chairman of the Republican National Committee during Ronald Reagan’s administration.

He went on to hint that he might simply skip the third and final debate, which is scheduled for October 19th in Las Vegas.

‘I have no respect for that group, by the way, I’m done.’

Despite his words, it turns out that he has no real intention of skipping the debate. When he was asked about it, the alleged unregistered sex offender’s spokesperson, Jason Miller, rather rudely replied that his boss would be attending the debates.

‘He said in his speech today that he looks forward to the third debate-were you yourself not listening.’

It’s always amusing to watch the alleged unregistered sex offender’s surrogates lash out after people ask questions regarding their candidate’s statements. Maybe, if they would keep him from making contradictory confusing statements, then reporters wouldn’t have to constantly ask for clarification.

Trump, alleged unregistered sex offender and frequently ignorant presidential candidate, also accused the DNC of feeding Clinton questions. Specifically, he is referring to rumors that current Democratic National Committee chairperson, Donna Brazile, fed Clinton a question during one of the primary debates.

‘Why can’t Reince feed me information prior to a debate? I am so angry at the Republicans. I want to be fed information like Hillary gets.’