Actress Alyssa Milano Wants ‘Compassion’ For ISIS! What?

After Trump used America’s largest non-nuclear bomb against ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, actress Alyssa Milano decided we should shower them with love and kisses instead! Let me make this clear Milano: APPEASING DOES NOT WORK! It only makes it it worse! Whether it’s raising children, keeping peace on a school playground, or dealing

BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Just Woke Up In Jail

The next generation of scandalous Clinton’s, aka Chelsea “too good to take her husband’s name” Clinton, woke up this morning in a Pennsylvania jail cell. It seems that after a night of drinking with her friends, Clinton demanded to see the Rolling Rock brewery in LaTrobe, which was closed down

JUST IN: Liberal Hero Whoopi Goldberg Charged By The Secret Service

Whoopi Goldberg, liberal troublemaker and Black Lives Matter spokeswoman, has been formally charged by the US Attorney’s office after an investigation by the Secret Service found she is the ringleader of an anti-Trump group that has been conspiring to have him removed from office through not-so-legal means. It’s tragic that here